Make a Difference Supporting 20s and 30s Jewish Engagement in Riverdale!

What an exciting year it has been. We have much to be thankful for!

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The Riverdale Jewish Project (RJP), run in coordination with the Conservative Synagogue Adath Israel of Riverdale (CSAIR), engages young professionals in their 20’s-30’s throughout Riverdale and surrounding areas in meaningful Jewish experiences. RJP creates a strong Jewish community for young adults, centering their programs around Shabbat dinners, social events, Jewish holiday programs, Jewish learning activities, and many other events. To learn more about our group, please visit

The impact of your gift will go beyond our current activities, as it will allow us to plan for long-term programming and organizational goals around the sustainability of the group, including helping to fund a part-time programming position for RJP. We hope you will be excited to become a partner with the Riverdale Jewish Project in building the next generation of Jewish leaders and community members in Riverdale. We thank you for any gift that you can provide.

All donations for the Riverdale Jewish Project are being handled by CSAIR.

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Experiences of RJP Members:

“RJP is the place where I can make friends in my neighborhood and practice Judaism in a fun way.”

“RJP is a good way to connect to young Jewish professionals in Riverdale, and stay connected to Jewish life.”

“RJP means that I have a community of Jewish peers to be a part of during my transition to a new community, a community of peers to celebrate Shabbat with, and friends to explore my Jewish Identity. By engaging with RJP, I have found a synagogue community to be a part of.”